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Complete System Tuneup is a free and comprehensive application that gathers all the maintenance tools existing in your Windows system and presents them to you in a well-organized, logical, and easy-to-understand interface. But Complete System Tuneup comes also with tools of its own to allow you to monitor your maintenance activities and to keep your system free of unwanted junk files and unneeded startup and registry items that slow down your system’s performance notably.

The program cleverly combines its own utilities with all those system maintenance tools that come with your Windows OS. These are usually scattered in different Windows menus, making it sometimes difficult for the average user to locate a specific tool when needed. To keep these organized and easy to reach, this application has gathered all of them into two menus - Tools and an Advanced Tools. In the Tools option you will find well-known Windows tools, such as Disk Defragmenter, Add & Remove Programs, System Properties, Windows Backup, or the Task Scheduler. The Advanced Tools presents you with those utilities which require a deeper knowledge of your system, such as the Registry Editor, the Task Manager, or the System Configuration.

Among the tools offered by Complete System Tuneup you will find a Startup Items organizer, a Start Menu Cleaner, a System Cleaner, and a useful and easy-to-read maintenance report, keeping you informed about when you last performed each cleaning activity, qualifying the overall maintenance of your system from 0 to 6.

The program and its various interfaces are certainly very easy to use, allowing all kind of users to keep their system’s performance in good shape at all times without really needing to be a Windows expert. However, some of the tasks need to be performed very carefully, as they affect sensitive elements of your system. When in doubt, do not hesitate to use the Help and Support button.

Finally, it is important to note a feature that you will not easily find in other system maintenance tools (or in any other software tool, for that matter) – its text-to-speech capabilities. This can be switched on and off from the settings menu and it is of very high value for those users with a visual impairment. Though it will not read out loud each and every move you make around the interface, it will keep you informed about what utility you have selected and the results of the actions taken.

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  • Cleverly combines its own utilities with existing Windows maintenance tools
  • Well-organized and clear menus and interfaces
  • Easy to use for all kinds of users


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